My name is Mathieu Rousse. I am a musician, technology addict and an occasional photographer.

I learnt acoustic guitar, played electric guitar then took bass guitar lessons (some might speak of a regression, but I disagree as it is a very different way of feeling music). I played in different music bands, from metal to jazz. I had to put guitar aside, but I still enjoy and need music every day.

I started playing with technologies (and computers) when I was twelve years old when my father told me “It’s broken ? It’s your business, get it fixed if you want to use it.” This is as of today one of the most valuable advices I ever got.

This curious mind led me to play with everything that had mechanics or electronics inside. A beautiful object with meca/elec in it is the camera. My father had one of the first digital camera (bought during the 2000’s) and I was astonished it could capture more than a hundred photos in one tiny chip. After a few years and two other cameras, he allowed me to take his during my holidays. I was with friends in a small village of France, with a camera, a tripod, and a clear sky… I fell in love with photography because of this picture I took during the night.

Most of my time is spent around computer technologies as you can see with my projects !

See you around,


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